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My very first blog post. Exciting! How exactly do you start your first blog post? I suppose I should start with some facts about me.

  1. I am a woman in my mid twenties.
  2. I have two super awesome kiddos (and by awesome I mean, ornery) only kidding! Kind of… they are 3 and 1 so being ornery is fair game I suppose.
  3. I am married to a super awesome guy (and by awesome I mean, annoying) ha!  Only kidding again… kind of 😉
  4. I just recently started low carb, and it has been really simple and straight forward for me. Different and much easier than any other “diet” I have ever tried.
  5. I have lost 15 lbs as of the date this was published.. only another 85lbs to go! AHHH!
  6. I will probably start posting before and after pictures while on this journey, I’m just not ‘quite’ comfortable enough yet.
  7. I love wine, I drink a lot of it, mostly because of facts 2 and 3.
  8. I know that if I gave up wine, I would probably get to my goal weight faster. I’m just not willing to sacrifice my sanity for skinny.
  9. I love creating weekly meal plans, and shopping lists, it may be something I look into doing for other in the future.
  10. I created this blog to document my journey and to keep track of my recipes.
  11. I have three goats that roam freely in my home
  12. Ha! Just kidding, just keeping you on your toes!… Perhaps I shouldn’t “wine and blog”

I’m sure I have lots more facts, but that’s all for now. Next up, one of my go to quick dinners! Low carb pizza that is quick and delicious and doesn’t  taste like cauliflower.